Firewood available all year at Main Plant in Essex
But only from SEPT to MARCH at Rosedale Store


Available as Mixed Hardwood , mostly Poplar and Gum, as this is our native species in this area.
Oak may be available, please call and ask.
CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING $$$$ and Availability
(picture below is a sample and will not be the exact pile of wood currently)

A note on "seasoned firewood"
Due to a shortage of logs/trees this year any firewood is in short supply. We are currently cutting a supply of logs at our lot that has been down for 2-3 years, this is mostly Poplar and Gum. This is as close to seasoned as we have this year, if you think you may have a problem with this, please by all means look for other distributors.

Average Firewood cut is 16-19"  +/- 2"
Custom length cut is available at $45 extra per cord.

We sell only parts of a cord, 1 cord, 1/2 cord, 1/4 cord etc... A cord of thrown wood (loaded on truck by machine and dumped) will be approximately 162 cubic feet and the SAME cord of wood stacked will be 128 cu. feet.
Here is an Independent web-site about Firewood. I hope this helps some people.

We do not have the manpower to stack wood everyday, if at all possible try to get a friend or neighborhood youngster to help you stack, but if you need it we can provide at the rate below. I know this is not cheap but it is the only stacking service we can provide.
 Stacking is available at $100 per Cord (within 10 feet of drop)
Walking distance to stacking bin will be $1 per foot after the first 10 feet.