Firewood available all year at Main Plant in Essex
But only from OCT to MARCH at Rosedale Store


Our firewood is sourced locally and contains mostly Poplar and Gum species. It is stored outside and NOT de-barked. As this wood ages the bark will naturally tend to break down and when scooped up by the loader may appear to be dirty. Your wood may arrive wet or dirty depending on weather conditions. This is why we have priced the wood at this price point. If this is not acceptable for you - please try a different vendor that has (de-barked firewood).

Average Firewood cut is 16-19"  +/- 2"
Custom length cut is available at $45 extra per cord.

We sell only parts of a cord, 1 cord, 1/2 cord, 1/4 cord etc... A cord of thrown wood (loaded on truck by machine and dumped) will be approximately 162 cubic feet and the SAME cord of wood stacked will be 128 cu. feet.
Here is an Independent web-site about Firewood. I hope this helps some people.

    STACKING WOOD (not available)