Natural Products
Natural products may vary in color and consistency, this is normal.

PLEASE READ A Note About Topsoil,
Top soil comes from the first several inches of the ground. Anything that is in this top layer will be in the finished product. This includes any stones and debris that you may not want. If you think this may be a problem I urge you to purchase prepackaged bagged potting soil. Top soil contains loam with some clay and sand and stones, and a percentage of decomposing living organic material (wood finings from mulch processes). 
We screen our own soil here locally, occasionally, small pieces of debris not caught by our screen do end up in the finished product. Debris will definitely include small pebbles and stones, twigs and other natural matter. Debris will sometimes include: small pieces of refuse including glass. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to prevent this from ever happening. As the land is cleared by bulldozers, whatever debris that was in the path of the bulldozer will be pushed along and eventually loaded into large dump trucks. Once on our site, the soil is then again moved by a large bulldozer, dragged, stacked, mixed, screened and then dumped again. If a bottle had been on the original excavation site, it would have either been broken long ago, or broken by the first bulldozer pass. The topsoil is screened and blended, but the screening process will only catch debris larger than ½” x 1 1/2", and yes sometimes this mix WILL clump back together, so please lay the product as soon as you get it. If you leave your soil for an extended period of time it WILL turn back into a solid block, this is what soil does. Please do not lay your soil before a big storm as this will wash away most of your organic material and leave a scattering of rocks and pebbles.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns you may have. 
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Garden Soil Compare quarter<<<(compare to COIN) Note This is our blend (There is no actual definition of "garden soil.")
Garden Soil (Seasonally available)
$50 yard delivered Local
OR discounted picked up price of $45 per cu. yard
We now have Garden Soil in stock, in a limited supply.
Check back weekly as we re-supply often.
GARDEN SOIL  $50 yard delivered local
or Discounted pickup price $45 cu. yard
Use for Gardens and growing applications.
*an excellent growing medium. (still may contain some pebbles and clay from our source products, made from topsoil, organics of leaves and brush grindings) I recommend if wanting a delivery to come by the plant and inspect the Garden and soil personally.

If you need something for a building foundation or construction application,
I recommend using fill dirt up to grade, then 2" of topsoil on top as you finish.

$40 per yard delivered Local. Discount on pickup $35
Compare Standard (Foreground)
to Garden (background)
Standard soil and may have some pebbles and clay in the mix. (Even after screening ,If wet it may also form some large clumps.) If you want to have something darker with some organics in it please order the Garden Soil above..
SoilSoil.LargeStandard Soil

NaturalNatural Mulch Natural Close
Picture is only a sample in time, Your order may vary

Color and Consistency will vary with different batches
Please try to order ALL your mulch at the same time.
Natural Mulch $ SALE (Local is 21237 or 21221 ZIP) other zip-codes are extra or YOU CAN PICKUP at discounted SALE PRICE


TAN Mulch (play type)Tan Mulch - Playground cover TAN shredded Mulch (play type)
TAN Mulch - Playground Cover (sometimes used in play type areas or animal runs) $30 yard, pickup for $25 (NOT CERTIFIED)
This product is used for many types of areas, it is a shredded type of wood (some may refer to chips)   If you are unsure about the product please come by and inspect it personally before delivery. We want a satisfied customer, all other questions please call 410-682-2992.
  Not recommended for commercial use. (NOTE: This Playground cover is NOT Certified by any lab, it is shredded wood pieces NOT chipped to square engineered wood chips.)
Closeup of shredded wood -Tan Mulch -Playground cover - animal bedding

fatwood Firewood
Fat-wood fire starter , Small, Med box, Large rolls Bulk Firewood, cut to 16-19" +/-2"
Custom cut is available at $45 per cord extra
This is a sample Stock picture (not exactly as you may receive)